backup disaster recovery

A proactive approach to protecting your business

Would you trust your sensitive personal and financial information to a company that didn’t invest in data backup? Business owners: why lose productivity after a storm or systems failure when there are means to avoid this costly downtime altogether? Don’t let the elements or small technical errors take you out of service; learn the power in backup and business continuity services offered by one of the best IT companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you find yourself running a business, you have thought about what would happen in a matter of disaster. If access to any hardware, software applications and sensitive data is lost, your company’s reputation might be compromised. We are here to ensure that even in the worst of times, your business continues to succeed and develop in its market.

Backups and business continuity planning

To put it simply, backups and business continuity can save your company. One disaster is all it takes for your clients and reputation to take an irreparable hit. The longer you go without full operations, the more money and time you waste, and the greater the risk of closing your doors. But you can laugh in the face of disaster simply by planning ahead with us:

You’ve got a set budget, We’ve got the perfect plan!

The road to success is
to stay on the road

Today’s client pays for exceptional service. Your business is entrenched in delivering exceptional customer service, and not even a disaster can compromise that. Business data can be lost due to a variety of internal and external errors, so it’s crucial to be prepared for every circumstance. Data is vulnerable to:

backup disaster recovery

How we safeguard your business assets in case of disaster

A disaster recovery plan ensures access to all the necessary elements needed to run your business, and can quickly be restored in case of a severe cyber attack or a natural disaster such as a major power outage or a fire. We equip you with a disaster recovery plan that encompasses:

Overall security & data backup solutions

Secure encryption

Risk assessment & mitigation

Large storage and easy transfer in case of an emergency

Frequent network monitoring

Project management

We can work with the most flexible budgets, whether you have a larger or smaller business, and advise you on the essential needs your business needs in case of a disaster. Get comprehensive data protection that ensures your company has secure access to mission-critical data, applications and workloads under all circumstances. 

Cloud-based backups and recovery plans are the best proactive approaches to unforeseen negative circumstances. We provide you with unprecedented flexibility, cost-effective solutions and continuous data protection technologies.

Improve business reliability and recovery speed.

Contact us today to speak to our qualified experts and set up a recovery plan tailored to your business!