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backup disaster recovery

With data security and recovery being an integral part of your business’s continuity, a disaster recovery plan can give you peace of mind knowing your company is fully covered in an emergency. We can help you make a smooth transition to the cloud and protect your business with our advanced data protection and recovery plans. […]

Backup & Disaster Recovery for Businesses Toronto

Backup & Disaster Recovery provides you with the right solutions that can streamline your company’s recovery objectives and speed up recovery times. Add ongoing flexibility to your data protection plan and choose our certified IT services to guide you through even the most unprecedented times. Data loss and breaches cannot be avoided, however, they can […]

Backups and business continuity planning Toronto

backup disaster recovery

Backup all important data necessary for the success of your business: files, applications, user settings, and more. Safety from disasters that could damage onsite equipment. Use backups to load virtual copies of systems on new computers in case original equipment is destroyed, lost, or stolen. Create policies and procedures for staff to follow when disaster […]